help with adding images

Parliamo delle località sciistiche Italiane. Qui trovi i reportage delle nostre e delle tue uscite sugli sci, la descrizione delle migliori stazioni alpine e appenniniche. E ancora curiosità, aggiornamenti, novità e richieste di consigli.

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Re: help with adding images

Messaggio da giampy_88 » 19 ott 2009, 23:10

hello... :D first of all,you can add an image that must be less than 1 mb if i don't make a mistake.. you can find the way doing a click on your nickname that is written in blue.. and look on the left where there are the instructions for changing the avatar.. i hope of having been useful... :wink:

write soon... bye!!! :D

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Re: help with adding images

Messaggio da Kithoson » 20 ott 2009, 10:29

Hi Greyhounds, I see you managed to post the picture.......well that suit confortable to ski??!

Welcome to the forum!

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Re: help with adding images

Messaggio da stephen587 » 26 lug 2022, 08:35

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